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Diversity of Identities at Garrison

Garrison, is a small historic village located on the east bank of the Hudson River. It is home to a diverse population, and the characteristics of the residents can range from creative professionals and cultural enthusiasts to people who prefer a quiet suburban lifestyle.

Artists and creative individuals:
Garrison attracts artists and creative individuals due to its beautiful natural environment. The neighborhood is known for its art galleries and cultural events.

Financial professionals and entrepreneurs:
Garrison’s proximity to New York City makes it an attractive location for those who work in finance or management. Many residents may choose this location as an ideal place to live close to the city.

Environmentally-oriented residents:
Garrison and its surrounding areas have extensive nature preserves and parks, encouraging residents to take care of the environment. Many residents can be strong supporters of environmental initiatives.

Creative Industries Workers:
With proximity to arts centers and cultural institutions such as Storm King Art Center, Garrison residents can be connected to the creative industries, including theater, music, and literature.

Lovers of nature and active lifestyles:
Hudson Valley is known for its scenic hiking and biking trails. Many Garrison residents choose this location because of their love of outdoor activities and proximity to nature.

Garrison residents delight in the combination of quiet country living and accessibility to cultural opportunities. The small community provides opportunities for a diverse social and cultural life, making it an attractive destination for a diverse group of people.

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